Facts About Nail Health

Our fingernails come in handy, as they are great tools for opening and operating small objects. They are great for giving back rubs and scratching itches. And they can be a beautiful addition to your look with a simple coat of paint. But what we do not realize is that healthy nails are important, the health of our nails can indicate other health problems we may not realize we have.

Nails, along with hair and skin, are made of keratin, which is protein. Because your nails are made of protein, more protein in your diet can help keep nails healthy, as well as hair and skin. Keeping your nails healthy is not a huge challenge, but when you do see signs of unhealthy nails it might mean that you have some other problems.

At Glam Rock Nails, we know that natural products can help improve health. We also know that when you look good, you feel good, but this may not be true if you have health issues, which you may be able to tell from your nails.


Discolored nails can indicate different health problems. One of the most common nail discolorations is yellow nails. Yellow nails can indicate liver problems, respiratory disorders, or problems with the lymphatic system. Often times, your limbs swelling can result in your nails turning yellow.

Black nails can also indicate liver problems, such as liver disease. But black nails can also relate to many more health problems. These problems include a B-12 deficiency, chronic kidney disease, a bacterial infection, adrenal gland problems, and even cancer.

If your nails have a red discoloration it could be indicating that your have a brain hemorrhage. But it could also mean that your have high blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease, or even carbon monoxide poisoning.

If your nails look discolored in anyway, find out what it means. Your nail color could be indicating that you have more serious health issues.

Nail Health

Although health problems that can be discovered from discolored nails, can’t be solved with good nail health, nail care is still important and can keep your nails looking healthy. Basic nail care is simple:

  • You want to keep your nails clean and dry to avoid infections, as well as never cutting your cuticles, and apply lotions to your nails and cuticles every day.
  • For stronger nails, cut them with a nail cutter, and round them with a file. You should always avoid ripping, biting, or picking at your nails.
  • Be sure to wear protective gloves when dealing with chemicals, whether that is cleaning supplies, hair dyes, or even just washing the dishes with dish soap.

These tips seem pretty easy to follow, but they are also very helpful to obtain healthy nails. But Glam Rock Nails is going to add one more thing to that list to ensure that your nails are healthy and beautiful. By using Glam Rock Nails Soy Nail Polish Remover, you will be using the best natural and non-toxic polish remover. It is acetone free and has eight chemicals found in most other removers taken out. For more nail care tips, read out last blog about nail health.

To obtain the healthiest nails, you need the healthiest products. Our product is healthy, natural, and includes vitamins, making your nails stronger and beautiful. If you want healthy nails that scream beauty, you will want to try our product.
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