The Truth About Acetone

Anyone who loves painting and changing their nail polish color knows that acetone is a miracle when it comes to taking off stubborn polish. But we all have also heard that acetone remover is very harsh and bad for our nails, drying them out and removing natural oils.

With such an effective polish remover, we don’t want to believe that it could also be harming us, but unfortunately it is. Glam Rock Nails wanted to create a way to allow ladies to continue to change their nail color without causing damage. And that is how we came up with a soy based nail polish remover. Swap our your acetone remover for our soy based one and see the difference it makes!

What is it that makes acetone so bad for our nails? Great question! It is time for a science lesson ladies!

What is Acetone?

First off, the chemical formula for acetone is C3H6O, you can get all the information on acetone from Open Chemistry Database.  Acetone is colorless, volatile, has a strong smell, and is flammable. Acetone is often found in paint remover but can remove more than just paint and nail polish, it can also remove permanent marker, for example. Acetone can be found in many different products in your home, according to Tox Town:

  • Nail polish remover
  • Household cleaners
  • Paints
  • Rubber cement particle board
  • Adhesives

But what you may not have realized is that acetone is found in nature, naturally. That includes your body. According to the Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry, low levels of acetone are found in the body from breaking down fat and are used to process sugar and fat.

Acetone can also be found in trees, plants, volcanic gases, and forest fires all contain acetone, releasing the chemical into the air, soil, and water. Sunlight and other chemicals can react with acetone and remove small amounts of it from the atmosphere. Snow and rain also rid the air of the chemical.

While it is naturally occurring in the bodies, over exposure can be dangerous, and by dangerous we mean fatal. Basically, you don’t want to drink acetone, but surely you already knew that.

But we are talking about the harm of acetone on your nails. Because it is such a powerful solvent, meaning it dissolves other substances, acetone can remove even the most stubborn nail polish. That doesn’t mean that your nails are fine, they are being exposed to this chemical and being stripped of their natural oils. Your nails will become instantly drier and if used too often, they will become brittle and break more easily.

Why Do We Use It?

If acetone is so harmful to our nails, why do we use it? Well, it is effective. There are nail polish remover options out there, like Glam Rock Nails, that don’t use acetone. Many of them use things like ethyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol or propylene carbonate, according to this Self article.

Non-acetone nail polish remover often contains moisturizing agents as well, allowing for your nails to not dry out as easily as acetone removers would. Glam Rock Nails polish remover also adds in vitamins, which helps build up your nails, strengthening them and helping them stay healthy no matter how many times you change your nail color.

But when you are looking at the same brand, most girls will choose acetone remover. Whether it is because they are all about convenience or they don’t realize the nail damage they could be causing, it is the more popular choice.

Acetone may be quicker, easier, and more effective at removing nail polish, but is a few extra minutes worth ruining your nails for? We don’t think so.

If you are against non-acetone nail polish removers, it is because you haven’t tried our product. Not only is it acetone free, but it also contains vitamins that have been shown to help with the growth rate, strength, and health of your nails. Our polish remover has even made its way into salons. We have partnered with local nail salons, and they are using our products to help promote healthy and beautiful nails!

Glam Rock Nails wants to make a difference in polish remover. If you are sick of dry, brittle nails try something new and different. Order yours now or contact us with any questions.