Why Soy Nail Polish Remover?

Why not a soy nail polish remover. It’s acetone free, non toxic, and doe not compromise your health rather it enhances it.

Glam Rock Nails was created out of a need for something safer, and non toxic, other than acetone. I got tired of going to the nail salon and having to not only smell acetone. Most of all I saw and felt how drying it was to my skin. Nobody denies that acetone is toxic yet it is what most people use when removing nail polish. Also during this time a friend introduced me to a non toxic beauty brand. I became educated on the subject of chemicals used in the beauty industry which is not regulated by the United States. This confirmed that what I was doing was not just good for me but for millions of other nail polish loving people.

I was on to something good, something that would remove nail polish without compromising our health. Here’s what I love about this amazing, nourishing product:

More importantly you will never have to wonder with our product if what you are using is safe and non toxic. It is. With only 3 main ingredients, less is more. While acetone may be a few seconds faster. Every time you get your nails done and inhale acetone fumes it is not healthy. So if you haven’t given us a try, do so. More importantly know that what you are using to remove your nail polish will also nourish, strengthen, heal and restore, the health of your nails and skin. As soon as you use our soy nail polish remover you will notice a change immediately. This is why we created our product,  with the mission is to create products without compromising your health.



Glam Rock Nails