Viola SF A True Treat For All The Senses

Voila SF a beautiful light filled space located in the Noe Valley. Owner Aline has gone out of her way to keep the aesthetics of her salon to a minimum. What makes Voila SF so unique is that it is not your ordinary nail salon. Voila is beauty, wellness, and fashion in one. The attention…read more

Authentically Me, Owning My Vision

When I attended We All Grow Summit I never expected for it to have the impact it did on me. The same day I heard Francesca Kennedy of IX Style speak I decided it was time to be authentically me, to stop holding myself back and act on the vision I had always had for…read more

Who Am I?

Hey, my name is Tanya. I’ve been into nails for a looong time. I started getting my nails done at a young age after being a nail biter for many many years. My mom tried everything!! Hot sauce, soap, and who know’s what else, I can’t remember. All I know is that one day after…read more


As I embark on this journey I have to give thanks to the people that have worked with me to make this all happen. Photographers, Designers, Illustrators, Make Up Artists, and Mentors! It takes a great team, that is patient, that listens well, that is flexible, that is talented, and willing to work with you…read more

Glam Rock Nails | Soy Nail Polish Remover

They say a picture says a thousand words

When your starting your business there are soooo many details and things to cross off your To Do list. One of them being getting some great pictures that can be used for profiles, announcements, social media and so much more. As a busy mompreneur I had a short opportunity, and I mean short, 15 minutes…read more

Annnnd another certification!

It’s exciting to know that I have created a product that is SAFE, Nourishing, and Strengthening to millions of woman! Yes, that’s right millions of women, because millions of us get our nails done and we love it! …read more