I'm not your super woman

Quick disclaimer: This post is more herstorical content than polish and nail care.

When I created Glam Rock Nails I was pregnant. I needed a solution to a problem and I went running like Forrest Gump. Run Tanya, ruuuunnnnn. I had to run because I knew there was going to be a lil set back called baby for at least 3/6 months. Yeah, well here I am 5 and some years later, I not only had my baby who started it all but I added and expanded. I am the happy parent to two small children. The first year was super tough. I will not sugar coat motherhood to anyone. It's hard, it's tough, it's a roller coaster and some days are better than others.

Here I was at 39 a mom, to a baby. My entire life was about to change and I was not prepared! So I eventually adjusted, after 8 months, I embraced motherhood and now as my babies get older my mind is catching up with my goals again and here I am. Ready to rebrand and get back out into the world.

I'm coming out!