Nicaragua is one of the most diverse countries in Latin America–both culturally and biologically but it is still in great need of support. We are raising funds to build 10 homes for the women of Padre Ramos and restore their farm to provide stable income for the women and children.

The homes these women currently live in are at risk of being destroyed and washed away. Together, we will provide them with a more permanent place to live. We will also be leading workshops on personal empowerment, health and wellness, and financial literacy for the women to implement in their daily lives. Lastly, we will be promoting entrepreneurship within the community by teaching the women how to make jewelry they can sell both locally and internationally.

With our help, they can grow vegetables and superfoods like moringa that will keep themselves and their children healthy, benefit from regular employment, and enjoy that dignity and peace of mind that comes with having a home. Women from around the world coming together to serve women in the world. We hope you can join us for this exceptional and life changing experience!

Our hope is to build 10 homes for the women’s collective this year. Together, we will get these women and children into a safer and healthier home.