Soy Remover Pen

  • $8.00


Introducing our breakthrough Non-Toxic Soybean-Based Cuticle Pen Remover. Experience a nail care revolution that not only nurtures your nails but messy free

  • Mess-Free Application: Tired of spills and smudges? Our pen's precision applicator guarantees mess-free usage, providing you with ultimate control and precision.

  • Nail Polish Saver: Accidental nail polish slip-ups are history. This pen's pinpoint accuracy effortlessly corrects mistakes, ensuring your perfect manicure remains flawless.

  • Natural Nourishment: Infused with the goodness of soybean, our formula nurtures cuticles while gently removing nail polish. Embrace healthy nails, sustainably.

Say goodbye to untidy application struggles. Embrace flawless nails, exquisite control, and eco-friendly care with our Soybean-Based Cuticle Pen Remover – your partner in precision.

6 Ingredients:

Soybean  Methyl Esters, Dimethyl, Gluterate, Dimethyl Adepate , Vitamins A, C, and E